GISF Research Reports

Long-term Silvicultural & Ecological Studies: Results for Science and Management: Volume 2 GISF Research Paper #013 (Jan. 2013)

Forestry Driver Mapping Project: Global and U.S. Trade Report
GISF Research Paper #012 (Aug. 2012)

Large Timberland Transactions in the Northern Forest 1980-2006
GISF Research Paper #011 (Apr. 2010)

A Global Comparison of Forest Practice Policies Using Tasmania as a Constant Case
GISF Research Paper #010 (Feb. 2008)

FSC in the Northern Appalachians: A Regional and Sub-regional Analysis of Forest Stewardship Council Certification as a Tool for Forest Conservation
GISF Research Paper #009 (July 2007)

Scientific Basis for Forest Management in the U.S. Inland West: A Review and Synthesis
GISF Research Paper #006 (December 2006)

Long-term Silvicultural & Ecological Studies: Results for Science and Management
GISF Research Paper #005 (June 2006)

Protecting Biodiversity: A Guide to Criteria Used by Global Conservation Organizations
(Jul 2005)

Vulnerability of Northwestern Pennsylvania Forests to Major Windstorms
GISF Research Paper #004 (August 2005)

Dynamic Models of Land Use Change in Northeastern USA
GISF Research Paper #003 (August 2004)

Literature Review: An Annotated Bibliography on Family Forest Owners
GISF Research Paper #002 (October 2003, updated March 2011)

Assessing the Environmental, Social, and Economic Impacts of Wildfire
GISF Research Paper #001 (May 2003)